[D] Eugene Charniak wrote a book on Deep Learning

Recently I stumbled upon


I’m a little bit surprised. I wouldn’t have pegged Charniak as a Deep Learning fan/expert. How is the book? It’s very short (and correspondingly cheap), so clearly it must be fairly simple, and the ToC confirm my guess. But I have a few new team members I need to train, thus I was wondering if this could be a good resource.

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How to teach a HA system to read the state of a dumb device?

So I’m very new to HA (and Reddit for that matter!) Have just picked up a Google Home and some sonoff switches to start playing with. We’re about to move into a new home and are having an alarm installed. I would like to keep my options open for bigger and brighter automation in future.

‘The internet’ says the most compatible system is a honeywell or DSC with envisalink, but nobody here installs those (I’ve asked)

The most common setup here seems to be AAP (https://www.aap.co.nz/shop.html) which are feature rich but have no integration with other systems that I can see. What I understand of the system is that it does have outputs that can turn on or off with the alarm. We have this system in our current home and I do like it.

Is there a way, that when I have the alarm installed I can have a ‘thing’ installed that turns on or off when the alarm is armed, and then another system like openhab or homeassistant can read the state of that ‘thing’ in order to trip other events.

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